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Who is involved in developing the Neighbourhood Plan?

A Neighbourhood Plan forms a statutory document for development alongside the Local Plan and must be submitted by a designated authority. 


Babraham Parish Council is responsible for Babraham's Neighbourhood Plan and has delegated responsibility for developing the plan to the Neighbourhood Plan Working Group. 

Neighbourhood Planning Working Group

A group of Babraham residents who meet regularly to steer the neighbourhood planning process. We follow an agreed Terms of Reference and workplan and have secured grant funding to enable us to develop the Neighbourhood Plan on behalf of the Parish Council. 


Patrick Axon (Chair)

Richard Bandy (Parish Council Rep; Treasurer)

Matthew Punshon

Hannah Thomas (Consultant funded by Locality)

Babraham Parish Council

Babraham Parish Council is the authority responsible for submitting the Neighbourhood Plan to the Local Planning Authority. 

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